Dakota Jeane Hilton is the owner, founder, and creative director of Frockify, a vintage clothing website. From when Dakota was eight years old to sixteen, she was on an all women’s Harley Davidson motorcycle drill team called The Hardly Angels. With this incredibly fun hobby, she had the opportunity to travel all over the world. Every place they had a performance, her mom and dad would take her to vintage shops and thrift stores to see if they could find anything that would fit her. As she grew older she would help her friends find vintage clothing and style them.

Dakota’s professional background is in fashion, working for various contemporary brands for the better part of a decade as a Director of Retail and eCommerce. When she decided to focus on Frockify full time in the summer of 2015, she started to gain interest in fashion photography.

Dakota is married to Michael Hilton and they have a cat named Huckleberry. The happy family currently resides in Bushwick and is from Phoenix, AZ.